Introducing 19 North

Welcome! In case you haven’t heard, 19 North is the movement to radically transform 19th Avenue – between Montebello Road and Dunlap Avenue – and to make it a safe, walkable, and unique destination within the city of Phoenix. We firmly believe this is possible and plan to use this space to keep you informed as to the many changes, events, and opportunities taking place in your neighborhood. We are passionate about working together to make this happen, and would love for everyone in the community to take part in this unprecedented transformation effort.

Approximately eighteen month ago, Open Door Fellowship (ODF) (located at 19th Avenue and Butler) watched with interest as the light rail moved in, and other city improvements were taking place on 19th Avenue. Encouraged by the positive changes, ODF decided to personally invest in keeping the momentum moving forward. They created a new position in their church, Pastor of Community and Fellowship. Shannon McBride, who has served as a pastor at ODF for many years, was excited to take on this new role. She is passionate about outreach, lives in the neighborhood, and sees great potential for this community. She helped create the 19 North Community Alliance leadership team, and is currently serving as its Chairperson.

The 19 North Community Alliance leadership team is made up of people from faith communities, Washington Elementary Schools (WESD), representatives from Councilman Valenzuela’s office, City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services and Village Planning, local businesses and business groups, and neighborhood associations.  Everyone on board has come together with the common goal of revitalizing 19th Avenue.

“There are so many assets in our community. We have schools at every level, from preschool to college. We have 86 acres of park property. We have vibrant neighborhood community groups. We have million dollar homes and studio apartments. We have established neighborhoods and new builds. We have hospitals, grocery stores, a bowling alley and a library. There is a place for everyone — from all walks of life — along 19th avenue,” Shannon McBride explained. She continued, “We all want the same things, no matter where we work or play. We all want a beautiful, walkable environment where we feel safe.”

McBride believes a significant deterrent to crime is beautifying and unifying the area. Significant changes are already underway. For the last year, the 19 North Alliance has been busy brainstorming, collaborating, and organizing. In October, “19 North” banners were hung along 19th Avenue (from Montebello to Dunlap) to brand our area and create a sense of unity among our many distinct groups. A mentoring program “Seven Anchors,” was introduced in the Washington School District and will utilize the talents of community volunteers to provide support for at-risk middle school students. A program called “Food Boxes” was started in the Washington schools, aiding children during the two-week holiday break when they may not otherwise have consistent food. An Interfaith Council was created to provide a place for neighborhood faith groups to join forces and work toward common goals. A community garden is being planted near 19th Avenue and Las Palmaritas, where the community will be able to harvest the fruit of their work together. Architects, developers, and landowners have been invited to planning meetings to discuss future development along 19th Avenue to help bring the right mix of new restaurants and businesses to our neighborhood. Regular street clean-ups have already taken place, and more will be organized for the future.

The excitement about 19th Avenue is contagious. New businesses, faith communities, and individuals continue to join this transformational movement.

19 North represents a true community consensus about what will sustain Phoenix as a world-class city,” Councilman Daniel Valenzuela said. “Our investment in Light Rail offers the opportunity for economic development and neighborhood revitalization for this community. With 19 North, we are bringing together faith leaders, small businesses, city departments, neighborhood associations, and schools to achieve our potential as a welcoming, safe, connected and vibrant community with a thriving local economy.”

The 19 North Community Alliance is leading the way to a beautiful, walkable 19th Avenue. Will you join us? We need your help! For more information, or to find out how you can get involved, please contact Shannon McBride at (602)-677-7797.