cropped-dsc_5652.jpegInformation provided by Carla Cahn, Light Rail Coordinator for the City of Phoenix

Q: Is there security on every light rail and at every stop?

Fare Inspectors/Security Officers:  Fare inspectors and security officers work in teams of two, and are constantly roaming in stations and trains along the 26 miles of light rail. In early 2016, with six new miles of service, Valley Metro added 17 new officers.

K-9 Teams: Three K-9 teams randomly board trains, visit transit centers, and go to station platforms to enforce safety.

Police: Valley Metro partners with the police departments in the cities of Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa to provide an additional layer of security and enforcement.

Special Events: The security presence is increased for special events such as ASU football games, Diamondbacks games, etc.

Call Buttons: Each train, and each station, is equipped with a call button which riders can utilize to report concerns to a Valley Metro Rail operator.

Cameras: There are cameras on board each train and located at all 35 station platforms. They are monitored around the clock.

Q: How are Light Rail tickets checked?

Random Security Checks: Currently, there are six teams of uniformed officers who board trains throughout the service day. Per national formula, these officers randomly inspect a certain percentage of passengers to keep fare evasion to a minimal rate. Our fare evasion rate is five percent, meaning that 95 percent of riders are paying for their ride. Officers will not be on board all trains, and it is possible to take several trips between seeing an officer. This type of fare inspection process is proving successful with this system and with similar light rail systems across the country.

Electronic Citation Method:  In spring 2015, we introduced an electronic citation method to our fare inspection process, making it quicker to issue citations. It is designed to curb fare evasions by expediting the citation issuing process.

Day/Multi-Day Passes: If you see passengers walk past the fare vending machines, most likely they use a fare media type that does not require daily validation.  Day, or multi-day passes only require validation upon first use.  Once validated, the pass is valid through its date-stamped expiration date. Users do not need to interact with the fare machines again in this period.  They do, however, need to keep the pass available to present to fare inspectors, if asked.

Social Service Agencies: Social service agencies provide passes to riders to assist them with trips related to job searches or for medical appointments.

Q: When and where is the next length of light rail going?

 Metrocenter Mall: Seven high capacity extensions are planned or are under construction that will create a 66-mile system by 2034, which includes extending light rail west on Dunlap Avenue and across I-17 to Metrocenter Mall.

Gilbert Road Extension: The next extension to break ground is the Gilbert Road Extension. It will extend light rail two miles on Main Street to Gilbert Road.

50th Street/Washington: Thanks to the Phoenix Transportation 2050 referendum approved by voters in August 2015, an additional station, located at 50th Street/Washington, will begin construction in early 2017.

Visit for details about future high capacity transit projects underway.

Q: What else do you want Light Rail riders to know?

Providing a safe, secure, and reliable transit service is a top priority. Light rail ordinances and policies were created to protect the safety, security and health of all riders. Overall, we operate a consistently safe and reliable transit system operating up to 20 trains per day in an urban environment. We make 228 trips per day, carrying an average of 47,000 weekday riders, or 15.6 million annual riders.


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