By Shannon McBride


In October 2016 there were various efforts to clean up 19 NORTH.  On October 15, several neighbors got together with bobcats, weed-whackers, rakes, and positive attitudes to clean up a neighborhood alley in the Royal Palm Neighborhood.  Long-time resident of the Royal Palm neighborhood, Griff Hearn, brought tools to share and used his bobcat to haul away all of the cuttings/trash. When asked for comment about what others could do to help, he said, “We need more bobcats.”

On October 17, 2016 the Legacy Basketball team and several other volunteers from the neighborhood cleaned up the Albertson’s parking lot at 19th Avenue and Northern (see picture). To help the effort, Neighborhood Services delivered a large dumpster with a trailer full of tools/gloves.

One couple wrote 19 NORTH to tell us they have been using their dog walks as opportunities to clean up trash in their neighborhood. They have noticed that some businesses are better than others about keeping their parking lots clean, and suggested a 19 NORTH letter writing campaign to encourage all businesses to keep their properties tidy.

Together the residents of 19 NORTH are working to make their neighborhood cleaner and safer. Grateful to be part of this community.


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